November 11, 2019

Zircon's legendary sounds can be heard all around!

I found out about Zircon from the game Not a Hero. Colossus got me and I've quite enjoyed how the songs fit the game.
I have no doubt that I've heard lots of their songs given the list of games they've provided music for, from Soul Caliber V to Crypt of the Necrodancer and even Demon Truck. I'm sure I've played these games at some point, so I probably just didn't pickup on the artist.

Zircon Vault: What's this?

Zircon Vault is a magical place where you can get pretty much Zircon's entire library to use in Youtube/Twitch videos and other projects within limits! Mind you, $85 USD for a complete discography isn't too bad in general!

Check out the vault for more info!
If you're interested to find out more about Not A Hero, the game this song is from, then please check out the link to the right!
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