Misfits - Hybrid Moments

November 24, 2019

Misfits, best in Horror Punk (A personal opinion)

They've been doing it a long time, but surprisingly only have 7 studio albums to date. They've always been more of an underground band and didn't have a full official studio release until about 5 years after the band had formed.
In recent years they have reformed as what was considered one of the strongest original lineups with Glen Danzig rejoining Jerry Only and Doyle to tour. They had been at each others throats and heading towards another round of lawsuits overs the Misfits properties, but managed to swing it into a 40th reunion tour with Danzig rejoining.

As long as a few more wicked Misfits tunes drip from those blood soaked guitars I'll happily keep listening, but wouldn't be surprised if things eventually take a turn for the south. Until then let's enjoy the Original Misfits for what they are!

There is a plethora of good horror punk tunes nestled away in the Misfits discography, from Skulls to Fiend Club to Bullet! You can hear their influence in everything from new punk bands to Metallica who covered both Die, Die my Darling and Last Caress.
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