Butt Music!

November 14, 2019

Straight from the butt of a tortured soul...

Before you try telling me that's not what butts sound like, maybe it's time you grew up!
Ahh, who am I kidding? I'm the one who searched Butt Music in the first place to find this tiger's eye of a brown note hiding on the internets...
Hieronymus Bosch definitely was a weird one judging from his painting, but you gotta give the man credit, he's an all around artist! Between the painting and the fact that he hid actual sheet music in it both speak volumes about how creative he must've been!
Although this is just a best-guess attempt at recreating the piece on the poor chaps ass, it stands to show that there was definitely some thought put into the placement of the notes.

The transcription of this piece was done by Amelia Hamrick, and she labelled it the 500-year old Butt Song from Hell... fitting... Now just what are they teaching these kids at Oklahoma Christian University anyways?
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