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January 22, 2020

Ash vs. Evil Dead's Soundtrack is Rockin'

I was completely blown away by the soundtrack and how well it compliments the theatrics of this series! A heavy dose of Deep Purple and Alice Cooper liberally sprinkled with random great tunes from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Amboy Dukes, Frijid Pink, Death, Styx, AC/DC and many others (Including oldies and classical compositions!). Quite an enjoyable arrangement and perfectly lined up with the action in the show.

Deep Purple

C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! Space Monkey!!!
Or so I thought for atleast a decade... when I was a teenager I had all my parents records and thought this song was Space Monkey... Luckily for me, when I reheard it on Ash vs. Evil Dead it inspired me to start listening through some Deep Purple again and now know it's Space Truckin'. There's a handful of great songs from Deep Purple in this series, others being Highway Star and Stormbringer, but I'd also recommend listening to some other Deep Purple tunes like Demon's Eye, Hush and Burn. Either check out the Mewsixz Video/Radio or hunt some of these rockin' tunes down on your favorite streaming service! 

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper's Music definitely has a liberal sprinkling too! A handful of songs between the seasons really fit the videography and are almost comedic in their timing. Although I'm sure most people would be more familiar with "No more Mr. Nice Guy!", as its a commonly used song in cinema. As I write this with the movie Dark Places playing in the background, sure enough "No More Mr. Nice Guy" with Alice Cooper himself on the screen. Is it my Body and Be My Lover are also played in this series and really work with the show and Go To Hell is used for Season 2's Bull Ride-off along with other scenes.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Talk about chills up my spine... When I first watched Ash vs. Evil Dead I passed out and woke up to this song playing. I replayed the scene then hunted down this song, so familiar and yet I don't remember from where nor do I recognize the album cover as one from my parents collection. But, maybe it's just an epically good song...

Frijid Pink

Used to book-end the season, it's a great little tune! This tune matches the bleak reality Ash must be living, haunted once again by a book bound in flesh. I really enjoy this tune and find its use fitting.


Almost entertaining how a vast majority of these songs are about running away, hiding or being found... Each song lending itself to comedic or emotional connection with the scene it's associated with. This song plays when Amanda joins Ash and the group and head towards a bunker full of survivalists...

The Allman Brothers

Once again, a brilliant example of what I was talking about. A song about evading capture... Another great classic rock song that really works in the soundtracks favor. All thanks to those Almond Brothers (They should really have their own Chocolate bar...). Fitting that the "Black Fog" starts chasing them down the highway as it plays...

The Amboy Dukes

It's 2020, and we no longer have to assume! They told us right in their name, Am Boy! Psychedelic rock from the late 60s really fits into the motif of battling with Eligos. Gotta love when a TV Series can acknowledge the power of Ayahuasca, which most of modern medicine ignores. Any way about it, a great tune that worked well with the show!


Wicked early punk tunes. You can hear the influences of these guys resonate through early punk bands.I'm just a plain fan of this song and recommend checking out some of their other stuff  if  you do too! Another epic moment as the song starts in the diner and Pablo tossed Ash his chainsaw, the intro holler of "Death" timing itself just perfect.


AC/DC is another ageless wonder. You have no doubt it's AC/DC when you hear it and it's very much a trademark of a generation. In the first season they use Back In Black and then Dirty Deed done Dirt Cheap was used in the third season. That distinct sound and the power of their music lends itself wonderfully to Ash vs. Evil Dead's energy.


Ruby's introduction worked well with this song. I love good classical, and this is wicked good! The London Symphony Orchestra did an amazing job bringing this classical to life and conveying the energy and angst of the song.

Bootsy Collins

As Ash's dismembered hand wanders over a pile of leaves towards the cabin at sunset this song plays and the credits roll. An excellent song used as foreshadowing for the events of the next episode.

PJ Harvey

Playing in the car as Ruby and Amanda follow the guidance of Ash's severed hand. They pursue Ash as the hand points out his direction.


As the girl who read the Necronomicon in the back of the stolen Delta enters the bar this song kicks in full swing. This was one of Warner Records fastest selling singles and has a very distinct sound and feel to it.

Blue Öyster Cult

I enjoy my Öyster, and I'm sad that they didn't use more although I assume it's due to Supernatural's overuse... The song fits into the overall tone of the series and I'm glad one song made it into the mix. Godzilla is another great song, along with Astronomy, but lots of their older songs are just great. If you like a little more modern, heavier metal then check out the album Heaven Forbid which has some excellent songs like See You In Black, Damaged and Hammer Back.

Lou Rawls

Sweet Beat! Lou Rawls is an artist I didn't know before Ash vs. Evil Dead but I'll probably give his stuff a check...

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Iggy Pop & The Stooges are a great example of early punk. The first I ever heard of Iggy Pop was the song Lust for Life when I was a teenager, and remember it from the movie Trainspotting. It's hard to believe The Stooges finally saw a resurrection in 2003 and some of their early music definitely had an influence on later punk bands. The song Passenger plays in Season 3 as Ash's daughter hops in the Delta and tells Ash to get in. Loose by The Stooges is also used in season 1. It's hard to imagine Jimmy Pop from the Bloodhound Gang is Iggy's son...

Joe Tex

Joe Tex is an unforgettable voice and an amazing talent! I've been a big fan since hearing some of his music in Quentin Tarantino's movies (Which is also an amazing set of Soundtracks!). I used to think James Brown was the sole inspiration for the music in Robots, but nowadays I wonder if Joe Tex would have also been considered a stylistic contributor aswell.

Bruce Campbell & Lucy Lawless - Kids from Bye Bye Birdie

Don't think I've ever seen Bye Bye Birdie, but this song is so familiar its eerie... I'm assuming some cartoon or movie I've watched has used either the beat or song and my brain just latched onto it.

Humble Pie

Depending what incarnation of Humble Pie you're listening to, you'll get a handful of talented artists cranking out the tunes. Frampton was part of the mix for awhile but it's definitely just scraps left of what it once was. Steve Marriott died back in 1991, which is a tragedy as from what I've seen in videos his singing and theatrics were a main draw and influence for the band.


The first time I heard this song it was a cover by MXPX. I had just bought the album "On The Cover" by MXPX and was introduced to an older generation of music revamped with that punk guitar and speed. Although the original has its attraction, I still prefer the MXPX cover of this song.

Boney M.

Usually I'd be all like Disc'No, but my parents both had Boney M records. My siblings and myself are well familiar with the music - I even remember my Brother doing Ukranian Dancing to Rasputin at a high school talent competition. Boney M is one of those weird and wonderful bands that had some interesting topics covered in their songs. I'd recommend checking out some of their other music if you get a chance.

Napoleon XIV

Such a weird song, but I guess that should be expected from Napoleon XIV... Something akin to hearing the thoughts of the people in pink padded rooms. The weird sounds and distorted video really weirded me out as a kid hearing this, but it works a treat for the land of the living Deadites.


This and the next are making a fabulous return after being features on my christmas list too, but they've earned their places. This ain't no Quiet Riot, and I'm glad... The original is better in my opinion. I unfortunately haven't listened to much else by Slade, but get the impression there might be a hidden gem or two in their discography.

Bob & Doug McKenzie

Take off eh? Ya Hoser!
Geddy Lee joins the stereotypically Canadian comedic duo of Bob & Doug McKenzie in song. Comical in origins, but this song is actually decent and I'm glad they included it...

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

I feel like I'm writing about the wrong series with this one... One of my favorite moments in Ted 2 was hearing Marky Mark himself freak out about this song being played at a part. Mark Wahlburg and Will Smith both had novelty rap as their backing force and are both quite involved in movies to this day. This song makes me giggle as it plays in a bar full of young adults all messed up on Pink Fuck...


Only used in a trailer from what I can gather, but a fitting tune for Ashy Slashy. Ash always seems to be a day late and a buck short, a constant gamble to save the world. 

Roy Rogers

Until we meet again! This iconic song is a bit of nostalgia in and of itself.... I can't remember what scene this was a part of now, but I like the song and want to share it regardless...

Neil Merryweather

Some wicked guitar and another fitting tune for the atmosphere. It's another one of the tunes I find familiar but can't place, maybe it had a place in another movie or tv series...

Joseph LoDuca

Joseph LoDuca is the composer from the original Evil Dead, and really helps give a throw back to its origins. The nostalgia level here really helps gain familiarity with the cult following of the original. Although they did touch a bit more on some of the "Army of Darkness" lore in the later seasons, you could almost sense the need for it. I was constantly anticipating a "Shop Smart, Shop S'Mart!", but I heard something ado with Paramount Pictures owning trademark on certain properties from that movie... Anyways, stellar ambiance music!

Ted Nugent

That's right 2019 is done, so are you all done with being offended and getting butt-hurt over words spoken decades ago? Cause this guitar is wicked and in my opinion the song is pretty much poetry about a moment of regret, but what do I know...

But wait... there's more!

There's tonnes of other songs in Ash vs. Evil Dead, so go check it out! We've added all the songs we could find to our Radio. If you'd like to hear the entire soundtrack (as best as I know and minus  Lil' Green Land by Bernie Marsden), then hit up our radio, click the ALL and select Ash vs. Evil Dead. Or go searching on your favorite music streaming sites...
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