Armstrong - Dick, the Lion-Hearted

December 14, 2019
A few years back I decided to buy the entire ALL Discography from Owned & Operated Records. I also managed to pickup some Descendents shoes and decided to check out Armstrong - Dick, the Lion-Hearted as it was on sale for something like $4. I was thoroughly impressed and found out later that it was not only Chad Price and Steve Egerton from ALL and/or Descendents but also is comprised of Zach and Donivan Blair from Hagfish. Zach was also Flattus Maximus from Gwar and the Drummer is Brad Roberts also of Gwar fame. Meaning I've been listening to most of these artists in some form or another since the 90s.
I'm not sure exactly what genre this should fall under but I personally throw it in with ALL as Melodic Punk. I find the song Average to be one of my favorites, between the lyrics and the beat it really grabbed my attention. It's usually the song I wind up with stuck in my head sending my searching for the CD, which I'll let play through completely. I recommend giving it a listen, especially if you're a fan of ALL!

Given that the band only had one album and O&O Records is no longer around, I really don't have any good links to share. Zach Blair is in Rise Against nowadays, but I'm unsure about the others.
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